Soror mea, sponsa mea

In October 2005, Candace Smith, director of Cappella Artemisia, together with the musicologist and journalist, Chiara Sirk, organized a conference which took place in Bologna entitled “Soror Mea, Sponsa Mea: Arte e Musica nei Conventi Femminili in Italia tra Cinquecento e Seicento”. The acts of this conference were published by the Italian publishing house Poligrafo of Padua and contains the papers (in Italian) by the art historian Helen Hills, the sociologist Paola Donadi, the philosophers Adriana Cavarero and Francesca Rigotti, the iconographer Mariagrazia Carlone, and the aforementioned Chiara Sirk and Candace Smith. The book is accompanied by a compilation CD of the ensemble, and received the Award for an Arts and Media Project appearing in 2009 by the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women.

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